17, November 2014: The JEE main exam is set to kick off in April 2014 and the IIT JEE news streaming in state that some students are experiencing challenges accessing the online site to register. The registration process was opened early this month and most students from Telangana may not register for the exams in time. This has been attributed to the fact that the site is not available in the state. 

This situation could see some promising candidates being locked out if it is not resolved in time. The most confusing part of all this, is the fact that students can access the site and complete the application process in other states like Andhra. 

The other developing IIT-JEE news is that the IIT council has changed the eligibility criteria of the advanced JEE examination. As you know, the IIT-JEE examination system was changed to JEE examination in 2013. The JEE examination system is done in two phases; the main examination and the advanced level. Once you pass in the JEE main you will qualify for the IIT JEE advanced. 

The dates for the exams have been released and they are as follows; 

* The online registration commenced in November 7th 2014 and is expected to be open until December 18th 2014. 

* The pen and paper exam will be held in April 4th 2015 

* Computer based exam April 10th & 11th 2014 

* Display of answers April 18th to 22nd 2014 

* Declaration of the main exam score and release of the names of candidates that are eligible to appear in the JEE advanced 2015 will be done in April 27th. You can read more IIT JEE news here. 

* Declaration of All JEE India Rank July 7, 2015