Cuisinart CEC-10 egg cooker combines hi tech with convenience with its two tier technology enabling a person to cook up to ten eggs all at once. The appliance comes in three different options for cooking the eggs which consists of soft, hard and medium.

The top selling Cuisinart egg cooker offers an array of options for optimal control of how the egg is cooked by the user. Not only does it ‘cooks’ but it also makes omelets as well as egg poach with great consistency. This product is perfect for people on the go or anyone who cannot cook but needs to maintain a healthy diet to stay fit. While the timing is always consistent, a person can also control it according to the amount of water that is poured into the cooker. For best results, the water level should be set by adjusting the measuring beaker to exaction. For an even more efficient cooking, the appliance comes with well equipped features like audible alter system, led light indicators and also a standby mode to keep the eggs from getting overcook and also to save electricity. It is a well rounded self cooking device. The poach tray comes in a separate compartment and has a capacity for making four egg poaches at one go. The omelet tray also comes in three holding capacity. It comes in convenient built in cord storage and consumes just about 600 watts of energy which is pretty less as compared to other types of usage.

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