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Leading Bitcoin service provider Cubits have announced their partnership with non-profit fundraising service Wikando to bring Bitcoin acceptance to some of the world’s biggest charities. Wikando pioneered the concept of fundraising-as-a-service in 2008 and has attracted big names such as Oxfam, Amnesty International, The Salvation Army and Doctors Without Borders. In partnering with Cubits, international charities now have the option to easily accept Bitcoin donations — at zero cost. This major collaboration has taken 8 months to co-ordinate and will hopefully take Bitcoin further along the journey to mainstream adoption.

Cubits is one of the fastest growing Bitcoin marketplaces in Europe. Their partnership with Wikando has created the first opportunity for mass on-boarding of Bitcoin into the not-for-profit sector. Whilst charities have shown interest in adopting Bitcoin before now, this has been on a case-by-case basis initiated by early adopters.

    “We are always looking for ways to expedite the donation process, whether it’s making it faster, cheaper, more secure, or more readily accessible to anyone, anywhere. Accepting Bitcoin was the obvious choice, and Cubits helped us make this choice a reality.” Peter Kral, Chief Technology Officer, Wikando

Wikando’s service functions as online software that can be accessed via any web browser. Collaborating with Cubits has enabled them to easily offer Bitcoin to charities and with 0% transaction fees. Non-profit organizations can now process donations without having to worry about installing hardware, downloading software, implementing encryption, or maintaining servers, thereby freeing up their energy and resources to focus on helping their causes.

    “We’re extremely proud to be a part of Wikando’s fundraising-as-a-service platform, because for us, Bitcoin isn’t only about doing business well, but doing the world good.” Tim Rehder, CEO, Cubits

Non-profit donations continue to be one of the biggest uses of Bitcoin.

The nature of Bitcoin makes it an ideal choice for philanthropists given the speed and low-cost of transactions, its security features and borderless nature. In some ways Bitcoin embodies the essence of charitable giving, it lets people support causes no matter where they live and under what political circumstance. Looking forward to the future, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Bitcoin will also play a significant role in working towards a better world.

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