CSR awards in India 2013

Indian senior citizen’s award 2013 for social courage to honor the senior citizens for their contribution to society

If you are a senior citizen, who has completed the age of 60 years and you have the grit to do asomething for society, ‘Indian senior citizen’s award 2013 for social courage’ is with you.

Indian senior citizens award is a platform that will honor the senior citizens who have completed 60 years and have been retired from their present job.

Indian senior citizen’s award for social courage, scheduled to be organized on 1 October 2013 in New Delhi, will honor the elders for their contribution in social sector. The application forms for nomination to this prize are available on organization’s website.

The main objective of this award, being organized by being responsible is to connect the elders of society with the mainstream so that they can say with pride that society still needs their services as much as it needed 30 years ago. This award aims to make the elders self sufficient socially and financially so that they can work towards the welfare of society.

Within a span of one year of its registration in February 2012, Being Responsible has organized 6 health camps, 2 visits to historical places, 45 birthday celebrations, Holi Milan, Dipawali Milan, 26 January and many more events. The society, established by Shri Atul Malikram, has joined more than 200 donor supporters and has registered more than 15 couples in its matchmaking facility puanrvivah.com. It runs Two Senior Citizens Day Care centre, provides assistance to needy senior citizens by grocery, runs a mobile medi-care van, which delivers free medicines and through its project punarvivah.com helps lonely elderly people find their suitable match.  

The director of the organization, Mr. Atul Malikram says, “The idea of Indian senior citizen’s award for social courage originated because most elderly people in society involve themselves in household works after retirement. They look after children and bring vegetables from market. They can use this time to become self sufficient, but they become dependent on their family members. At being responsible, we try to keep them busy in various innovative activities, so that they do not get retired from life till the end of it.”

He further says, “This award is for those elderly citizens, who have completed 60 years and then got involved in various social activities. In it, we have not included those elders, who are already joined with any social campaign.”

For more information contact Atul Malikram, President@ 9755020247, [email protected] or www.beingresponsible.in.

This initiative has been appreciated by people and organizations. They have always supported us in our campaign. The reputed personalities from different sectors of society have appreciated this initiative and they have joined hands with it.

Indian senior citizen’s award 2013 for social courage will be organized on 1 October 2013 at New Delhi. The winners will be decided by a panel of judges comprising national and international personalities. The applications are invited for the nomination to this prize. The details regarding application process can be availed from the organization’s website.