17, November 2015: The Swiss Royal Banc’s Chief Analyst, Mr. Jack Barrington, has announced that the current Fibonacci levels combined with fundamental market reports have begun to show a clear, bullish trend in the value of Crude Oil.

Swiss Royal Banc

A bullish, or upward trend in the market is driven by Investors who confidently believe that a stock price will either increase exponentially over time or regain lost value. They believe this so solidly that they have paid for the right to purchase the given stock, which is in this case Crude Oil, at a specific price known as the exercise price or strike price. Strike Price is defined as the price at which a derivative contract can be exercised. It is mostly used to describe stock and index options where the strike prices are fixed in a contract meant to protect the shareholders. Most strike prices go by increments of 2.50, or 5 dollars, and have the potential to be highly profitable if you get in while the stock is low. For call options, the strike price is where the security can be bought within a limited amount of time. In contrast, for put options the strike price is the limited price at which shares can be sold.

An investor who sells puts on the stock is therefore also considered bullish, because by doing so, they lock themselves into an obligation to buy the stock- which means that they must also believe that the stock will rise- otherwise, they have intentionally locked themselves into a risky situation. No investor would do so- therefore logically they must have faith in the stock, and that faith is, in itself, valuable. And when it comes to crude oil, they are very likely putting their faith in the right place. Their faith is supported by the aforementioned Fibonacci levels- which is the mathematical equation used to calculate the bounce or reversal in value of a stock after it falls.

In the next few months, Crude Oil stocks could rise in value up to and exceeding 10 percent. While value has dropped drastically in the last year or so, Bullish traders and sellers, along with high expectations for the market are forecast to bring the value back up. By June 2016, the stock is forecast to be trading much higher than it is now, in November 2015 - a comparatively very low point compared to other years.

The reputable Mr. Barrington and the SRB are a global online financial institution and trading brokerage that seeks every day to change the landscape of trading to the advantage of their customers. They dedicate themselves to giving the best services with their trading platform, tools, and education to ensure that their customers achieve the best profit possible, even going so far as to provide each client with a personal account manager who works directly with the client as regularly as possible to ensure they are up to date on the newest trading strategies and market information.

SRB is confident that, with the bullish trend that has already begun, crude oil will be trading higher and higher in the next few months.

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