Crown Molding is one of leading distributors of millwork products and moldings in Canada and Washington. Over the years they have been helping people make their dream homes at less cost. They are specially known for their ceiling medallions and decorative corbels. The company has earned itself a reputation for providing exceedingly beautiful ad durable molding products at very affordable rates. They are also known for their highly skilled craftsmen who can produce anything that you imagine.

Their spokesperson informed us that they are specialized in making polyurethane products. They are the experts in manufacturing fiberglass reinforced columns. They see to it that all their products are architecturally correct. Every product from Crown Molding is tested to be free of manufacturing defects. The company has two main objectives: to make durable products and to make them in an aesthetic manner. He says that they are committed to help you make your house more beautiful.

Since the inception of the company, they have been involved in producing classic looking fiberglass columns inspired from Roman, Greek and Tuscan architectural heritage. Not to mention that their ceiling domes are the most elegant domes available in the market. These ceiling domes are made up of polyurethane and painted to give a brass feel.

Crown Molding maintains a very advanced design shop that is fully able to make anything that you can imagine. They have been making elegant customized furnishings for people all over the US and Canada for many years now.

The company has years of experience in designing, manufacturing and distributing bold and elegant balustrade systems. They have one of the most beautifully detailed balustrade railings in the world. Not to mention that their other simplistic designs are no less elegant and classic. All the balustrades railings and systems from Crown Molding are designed to meet the code in US and Canada. They are made from heavy duty rigid PVC (uPVC) and they usually last for years to come.

The spokesperson tells us that they follow every possible step to ensure that the products from their company are of the top notch quality. They depend on their reputation rather than fancy marketing campaigns and they intend to get better with every passing day. Most of their customers find out that they have saved a great deal of money by purchasing their furnishings from them.

About Crown Moldings

Crown Molding is a Canadian company that specializes in millwork, marble and decorative molding products. Apart from durable and beautiful columns and baluster railings, they are also known for making marble statues and busts.

They maintain offices in both Canada and US, which means that the US customers can buy directly without worrying about imports and customs. While they are not retailers, they also deal with small individual orders. To know more about the products offered by Crown Molding you can visit the given link; or you can contact them the following addresses.