14, April 2015: What if the decisions people make are not entirely their own? If the shows and movies they watch were written with the intent to shape their opinions on life and death matters? If policy changes and legislative battles are actually fought and won in their living rooms not the voting booths? That’s the premise of author Lynne Constantine’s latest book “The Veritas Deception”, a thriller novel, inspired by Constantine’s career in marketing and advertising. The novel has strong themes of redemption and good vs. evil played out on the political and media landscape, and will resonate with lovers of mainstream thrillers as well as Christian fiction. Constantine will be holding a #crowdfunding campaign to raise money for self-publishing and promotion using the Pubslush platform. 

The book begins with the murder of the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court and the revelations that follow. The wife of the Justice, Taylor, along with her investigative reporter, ex-fiancé Jack, discover that the Chief Justice’s entire identity had been fabricated and his vote owned. But by whom? The main villain of the story—Damon Crosse—exerts his influence over the masses by placing men and women indoctrinated at his secret facility into positions of power—from Congress to Madison Avenue. The novel, the first in a series, will follow Taylor and Jack as they go on the run and try to stay alive long enough to find the only man who can help them stop Crosse before his dark intentions for society are fully accomplished. 

Author Lynne Constantine who has loved books for as long as she can remember, is a voracious reader of thrillers and suspense. Lynne holds a degree in Human Development from Hellenic College and a Masters degree in Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University. The author has an extensively marketing background and left the corporate world in 2000 to pursue her writing full time. She is now the managing partner of a social media marketing firm and gives talks on building the author platform. She wrote her first book “Circle Dance” in collaboration with her sister, and “The Veritas Deception” is her first single writer novel. 

Constantine will be using the funds raised through the crowdfunding campaign to self-publish the book and hopes to raise enough to launch a robust marketing campaign to make the book stand out. Join the crowdfunding campaign of Lynne Constantine’s “The Veritas Deception” and assist in publishing an explosive thriller that delivers a timely message at the same time it entertains. 

Enjoy the mind-blowing teaser at https://youtu.be/5kyzQwG-p-I 

For further details on the campaign please visit: http://theveritasdeception.pubslush.com 

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