No two babies are created alike, and no two families have the exact same set of needs. That is why it is important for parents to be armed with the right information when they buy child care products for their little one. There are actually hundreds of baby bottles, clothes, sheets, and even crib mattresses on the market, with each one having a unique set of features. What works for one family may not be very useful in another, so parents should always seek expert advice before spending their money. helps parents pick the  best crib mattress  for their baby by listing these essential characteristics of a good crib mattress.

1. Firm and comfortable. Experts recommend that newborns and infants sleep only on very firm mattresses. Some parents feel that these expert-recommended models are just about as comfortable as a wooden board, but a resilient, firm surface is essential to reduce the risk of SIDS. Soft mattresses can be a suffocation hazard, just like stuffed animals, quilts, or pillows. However, for older babies especially those in the active toddler years, a more yielding surface might be necessary to give them a restful sleep after their busy day. Parents should try to find the Golden Mean between firmness and comfort when they shop, depending on the needs of their child.

2. Light yet durable. Lots of families favour foam mattresses because they are very light. At about eight pounds or so, they can easily be lifted with one hand when it is time to change the sheets. Nevertheless, a light crib mattress may not be the ideal choice if a family needs a crib mattress that will last through several years. Families who expect to make several more additions to their brood should seriously consider getting a crib mattress that is not too heavy but is also built to last. Coil models are generally more durable than foam; at any rate, they come with better warranties. Some of the premier coil crib mattresses even come with lifetime warranties.

3. Low price and high quality. When buying a crib mattress, parents want to stick to their budget. Nevertheless, this can become tricky especially if they want to go for one of the pricey organic models. It is possible to buy a utilitarian crib mattress for less than a hundred dollars, but if parents are looking for top quality, then they may have to pay a bit more. Foam mattresses are usually cheaper than coil mattresses, and organic mattresses are the most costly. In general, if the goal is to get good quality at a reasonable price, it is advisable for parents to buy a high-end foam mattress or a middle-range innerspring mattress at the $150 mark.

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