Columbus, OH; July 27, 2013: Consumers face the age old problem of “How to get credit when they have no credit?” Several credit card companies realize this and in turn have created specific credit cards for no credit.

According to the video posted by Cloud Technology Systems, Inc. there are credit cards that are secured and unsecured designed for people that have yet to establish their credit. 

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Those individuals with no credit could be college students that have never financed a car, home or applied for a credit card. Individuals that also fall into this group could be those that have always paid cash for the items that they purchased. 

As evidenced by the credit card offerings in the video, those with no credit are being pursued by the credit card companies to apply for their credit cards that do not require the applicant to have an established credit profile. According to the video some of the credit cards provided for review are also shown to be suitable for individuals that are seeking unsecured credit cards for bad credit

The video presents four separate cards that are offered by Capital One® that are suitable for consumers looking to establish their credit, each card touts benefits that are set to attract applicants. Some of these benefits include cash back rewards, low intro APR, and no processing or application fees. 

Some consumers may be forced to apply for a secured credit card, where they will be required to pay a deposit to use the credit card. 

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J.C. McClain has authored two books on credit cards available at the Amazon Kindle library, Credit Cards for Bad Credit 2013 and Best Credit Card Rewards 2013 McClain’s YouTube videos can be found by searching Credit Cards for Bad Credit. McClain has also appeared on the nationally syndicated radio financial fitness show sharing his expertise in credit repair. McClain is also the credit expert for Cloud Technology Systems, Inc. 

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