Kitchen Lovers, a brand built with excellence at its core, has tackled the challenge of crafting a sleek, efficient, and durable salt and pepper grinder.

Sep 02, 2016 — Salt and pepper grinders have long been a common tool of a household chef, but until now each and every one on the market has been missing something. Where that be an easy to turn knob, adjustable coarseness, or a money-back guarantee, there has always been a fault. The Kitchen Lovers Salt And Pepper Grinder Set is here to change this with an array of high-end features.

Kitchen Lovers decided to build quality from the ground up, starting with the finest materials they could find. This includes a stainless steel finish, gliding acrylic knobs, and a heavy-duty ceramic grinder. These materials combine to master both form and function to such a degree that Kitchen Lovers has instated a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Under this guarantee if any customer has any problem they can qualify for a free Kitchen Lovers product. The staff at Kitchen Lovers are so sure that buyers will absolutely fall in love with their grinders that this guarantee can be applied for even the most miniscule of issues.

Another benefit of the Kitchen Lovers Salt And Pepper Grinder Set is the ease of use. With a few twists anyone can refill the grinder with salt or peppercorn. In fact Kitchen Lovers grinder can handle more than just table salt, every spice variant from Himalayan salt to rose peppercorn is fair game. In this way users are allowed extra customization in the kitchen. To augment this personalization Kitchen Lovers has made the grinding chamber completely adjustable to allow coarse gratings, fine gratings, and everything inbetween. To purchase a Kitchen Lovers Salt and Pepper Grinder Set visit: