Effort confers success; success confers honor. Through years’ struggle, Airwheel gained enormous success and honor. As an electric unicycle-producer, Airwheel has been a pioneer in the world. In Airwheel, there are three principles of management and production: innovation, eco-friendliness and user-friendliness. It has pumped out an array of sibbuce models of electric self-balancing scooters, which are catching on in the market. The single-wheeled X-series enjoys good fame for its agility. The twin-wheeled Q-series draws on the classic elements from X-series and, most importantly, employs an original new two-wheeled architecture, strengthening its balance along with ease of use. S-series, marking a milestone of scooter innovation, takes pride in its minimalist-chic design and state-of-the-art technology. Hence, it is naturally hailed as the ultimate of Airwheel scooters.

Those who are skilled at riding X-series like showing their amazing riding skill of X-series. These attractive riding skills usually include turning circles, sitting on it while rolling and standing upside down. Only through the agile single-wheeled scooter like X-series can they display their thrilling and awesome skills. Seen from this perspective, X-series is intended for veterans and Q-series for tyros.

In view of the hardship from X-series single-wheeled structure, Airwheel next series, Q series translated into the twin-wheeled scooter. Q-series inherits the exterior design from X-series. Beyond that, an ingenious change was introduced to the wheel structure. Then, the single-wheeled structure turned into the twin-wheeled one. The twin-wheeled structure contributes to keeping balance and seems more user-friendly. As a result, Q-series seems the best opt for tyros.

The latest model, intelligent self-balancing scooter S3, is designed to the utmost. In the trade fairs, due to its fashionable and modern appearance, it always become the focus of attention. What’s more, it is environmentally-friendly and user-friendly, so it is applied to many fields, e.g. police patrol, commuting, sightseeing and so forth.

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