New Delhi, India: Cranberry Communications, India based web design and Development Company has launched its WordPress based website content management system which also integrates with e-commerce modules.

WordPress is the powerful and widely used content management system or CMS. There is a big myth in the industry that WordPress is a simple blog management system. Cranberry experimented with WordPress and found the reality that it is more than just a normal blog. WordPress is a powerful CMS which allow you to take full control on your website and let you make, changes without requiring any technical know-how.

There is no doubt that WordPress was primarily started as an open source blog software package but it works exceptionally well as a content management system or CMS. According to Mr. Rashmi Ranjan, Head Business Development, Cranberry Communications, “Wordpress is more than a blog. Just like others we also took it as a blog but after we experimented with it, we successfully were able to use it as a website for businesses, E-commerce application and of course, as a content management system.”

With a CMS you do not need any designing or technical skills. It is a simple content management system which helps you maintain your website and update contents within minutes.

Why WordPress as CMS?

When it comes to CMS, wordpress is the tool which is used most widely. It is easy to use CMS platform which offers complete control to even a non technical person. Following are the benefits of WordPress.

• Could be used to integrate E-commerce system
• Easy to use system. If you use Microsoft Word then you could also use WordPress
• Cheap, fast and easy content management system
• Faster implementation
• Customization is easy
• Allows third party integration
• Best solution for businesses with small budget
• Allows inter blog communication
• Wide range of templates, themes / skins and plugins
• Complete value for money
• Total control and rights
• SEO friendly
• Multi user / Admin facility
• Supports multi content types. Posts (time-driven), pages and links

About Cranberry Communications:

Cranberry Communications is an offshore CMS development company that expertise in designing exclusive CMS for their clients using different CMS platforms like WordPress CMS, Joomla based CMS, Drupal based CMS, etc. Cranberry not only designs and develops CMS for their clients but also provide cost effective outsourced CMS development to web development companies in international markets like US, Europe, Australia, etc.

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