A Texas couple turned their newborn into a burrito-wrapped "Whatababy" for her first photo shoot and the fast food-themed photo is everything the Whataburger-loving Internet wanted for Christmas.

Allie Rae, a photographer from Frisco, took the photo of Basil Riddle(https://www.facebook.com/AllieRaePhotography/photos/a.114128695447142.1073741828.113152198878125/314018608791482/?type=1&permPage=1) swaddled in a yellow taquito wrapper and laying on an orange tray, surrounded with picante sauce and the iconic table tents with numbers of the baby’s birthday.

“They kind of have a love for Whataburger,” Rae said about Basil’s parents, Tyler and Megan. “I thought he was crazy.”

The couple decided to have the unique photo shoot since Megan Riddle craved the popular burger joint throughout her pregnancy. But since the two lived in Iowa during the time, they made a couple of 7-hour road trips to their nearest Whataburger.

“I thought the story was super sweet because he did it just because she was craving Whataburger.  She was missing home,” Rae said. “Cravings are pretty serious when that baby is inside that belly."

The two moved back to Dallas just before giving birth to Basil on Dec. 12.

Rae said it took about two hours to photograph Basil, who slept throughout the photo shoot.

“Once I got the shot, I knew we had it,” she said.

Social media users (who understand the Whataburger craze) shared the photo, and it was even retweeted by Whataburger.

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