U.A.E. January 19, 2010 - The two main actors Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant in the movie Did You Hear About The Morgan‘s are said to have been commissioned to Ray, a small rural town in Wyoming. Being typical New Yorkers, this is going to be a pretty difficult experience for the couple and a jolly time for the theatre audience in UAE. Did You Hear About The Morgan‘s is all set to be released in UAE theatres on the 28th of January 2010.

In this movie SJ Parker plays the role of Meryl Morgan and Grant plays the role of Paul Morgan. Meryl and Paul Morgan are already in a rocky relationship. They have planned on divorcing each other due to Paul‘s infidelity. Walking away from a restaurant after an unromantic dinner, the Morgan‘s unfortunately happen to witness a murder in an alley. As the murderer isn‘t found by the police and as them being the only witnesses to this crime, the Morgan‘s are sent to Wyoming by the government on account of the Witness Protection Programme.

The Morgan‘s are a well known couple, highly successful in their modern careers, completely used to the city life in Manhattan. Thus the primitive activities they encounter in rural Ray make for the best ´fish out of water‘ gags for our entertainment in UAE this season. So don‘t forget to watch Did You Hear About The Morgan‘s on Friday the 28th in a theatre near you.

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