Tampa, FL — Trusted Tampa Mortgage broker Marimark Mortgage is pleased to announce it is on the list of approved  Florida Mortgage  brokers for the Down payment assistance programs. The programs available in Pasco County, Hillsborough County, and the City of Tampa are designed to increase home ownership in those areas.

“These are fantastic programs designed to increase the rate of home ownership in the state,” Says Marimark spokesperson Mary Catchur, “Consumers looking to buy in these counties should contact us, to see if we can get them into one of the down payment assistance programs and get them into their own home!”

According to Marimark, the down payment assistance programs can help consumers with their down payment, to afford a house sooner, or to afford a larger house with better suits their needs. Those interested in the down payment programs are encouraged to contact Marimark for more information, and to find out if they qualify.

Marimark Mortgage is a leading Florida Mortgage broker, approved by the FHA and VA. With offices and licenses in the states of Virginia and Florida, Marimark is ready to help Americans meet their home finance needs. By working with a team of national lenders, and Fannie Mae and Freedie Mac Marimark is able to deliver a custom solution to meet your unique needs as a homeowner. Marimark is a Florida broker approved to deal USDA mortgages.

For more information, please contact:

Mary Catchur
Marimark Mortgage
5327 Primrose Lake Circle
Tampa, FL 33647-1328
P: (813) 910-8020
T: 866 910-8020
E: [email protected]