Costa Rican Web Design, an emerging leader in affordable and high-quality website design in Latin America, is pleased to announce the official launch of their freshly designed responsive website — . The website’s design focuses on a minimalistic approach to rapidly disseminate information in a useful manner, with an emphasis on maximizing compatibility for all devices such as widescreen monitors and smart phones.

“A great deal of consideration went into the design of our site, specifically leveraging mobile usage data in Latin America. We invested heavily in leveraging bleeding-edge HTML5 and CSS3 practices which ensures that our website functions at its full potential, regardless of how the user is consuming the information,” said Costa Rican Web Design’s CEO Cole Parks. “Our website loads faster than 99% of the websites on the internet, a feat that no other web development competitor in the country [of Costa Rica] can claim.”

While the website features robust content, case studies, client testimonials and pricing plans, soon the website will be fully integrated into Costa Rican Web Design’s client portal. The client portal will provide the highest level of service to the company’s clients, providing them with a consolidated interface in which they can view their website’s performance and receive customer support.

“We’re extremely proud of how fast our website has been developed; it’s been less than three weeks since we began the wire-framing process,” explains Cole Parks. “Not only have we integrated a fluid and responsive grid system that allows us to rapidly customize our site on a myriad of devices, we’ve also integrated what we believe to be the best contact form in our industry — users have the ability to not only upload their project requirements, but they can also sketch out their ideas directly onto the contact form.”

The start-up company’s expertise lies in rapid prototyping using bleeding-edge technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. While the company’s portfolio boasts elaborate and feature-rich components, the Costa Rica web development firm has paid acute attention in ensuring that older and less-capable devices still have a comprehensive and complete user experience. While many web development firms charge exorbitant amounts of money to have this type of functionality, has instilled these methodologies into their design process from the beginning, allowing them to significantly reduce costs from the onset of their clients’ projects.

About is an innovative provider of professional websites for small and medium size businesses in Latin America. Pooling together the best and the brightest minds in web programming, graphic design and content development, the web design company has worked with numerous Fortune 500 clients prior to focusing their efforts on small business website design. Learn more about Costa Rica Web Design at their Facebook page and their Twitter account .