United Kingdom, April 19, 2013 — Costa Cufflinks is now offering stylish and designer cufflinks for men at a special discount of 20%, under their current promotional scheme. The sale will last until 30th June 2013, and all men can take advantage of their special discounts for buying unique cufflinks, which one can hardly find with any other online retailers. Even women can buy them for themselves or as a gift for their male friends, husband, or boyfriend. With their special discounts, prices become even more affordable and one can buy a premium quality cufflink for both men and women at a reasonable price.

The online retailer maintains that in order to take advantage of this special discount, a customer needs to enter the voucher code COSTA20 at the check out stage, and the effective price will automatically get reduced by 20%. Moreover, a customer will receive free worldwide shipping, if the cost of the order exceeds £25. Also, the product will come packed in a fashionable gift box. The company reveals that their cuff links in a gift box can serve the purpose of a perfect gift for men.

The online store reveals how the sale of their cufflinks dramatically increases during Valentine’s Day and other occasions. One of the company executive states, “Well, Valentine’s Day is too far but both men and women can purchase cuff links now at a special discount price and can present to their love-lives and I am sure they will have a reason for celebrations when their hearts will fill with joy.”

According to Costa Cufflinks, they have hundreds of different styles that will surely appeal to the fashionable men of this era. Everyone can find cufflinks as per their choice or fashion preferences. Moreover, the owners of the web store feel that the special discount of 20% will certainly appeal to all men who want to purchase designer pieces of cuff links at special prices. Any man or woman can take advantage of their promotional offer and should to rush to visit the website www.costacufflinks.co.uk, while the stock lasts.

About Costa Cufflinks

Costa Cufflinks brings the hottest collection of cufflinks for both men and women. The web store aims to provide the latest collection of cufflinks at affordable prices. The ongoing promotional discount offer of 20% is the way to keep the prices reasonable for the worldwide shoppers of designer cufflinks. They maintain a quick and reliable shipping service guaranteeing on-time delivery of the product at the global locations.

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