One Of Its Kind Social Network To Connect Co-Passengers For A Pleasant Journey

December 12, 2016: Massively popular Mobile app CoRover now has Hotel Booking feature where users will get the best accommodation deals across the globe starting INR 260  (USD 4) per night and user can pay after the stay. CoRover has also launched a Travel Buddy feature for many travel related needs like call for medicine, free game etc.

CoRover has also revealed the next big thing on cards, the Internet-Less chat. The app provides real-time connectivity between passengers traveling in the same bus, train or even on the same flight and for the first time, users will not need active internet connection to use the app.

The feedback from the users about the services of the app has been phenomenal, and the number of users is drastically increasing since its officially launched. The creators of this social network have blended innovation and technology in a unique way. Travel can be depressing at times for most people and the best way to pass the time during a journey is by chatting with co-passengers in this technologically advanced way.
“I really like this awesome app. I found many people on the same train  as mine. The people I once met as strangers and co-travellers are now my great friends.” said a CoRover user while talking about the app.

The app offers amazing interactive features such as group chat as well as the private chat options optimized by categories like gender, age, profession, and ethnicity. With CoRover, travellers not only will save cost by not using the internet but also be able to interact with co-passengers in the remote places where there is no mobile network or the Internet. This will prove to be a very beneficial feature during a natural disaster or accidents, especially in the remote and hilly areas.

CoRover has proven to be one of the most successful start-ups considering the innovation, technology and solution delivered, currently 10,000+ downloads and increasing day by day. Patent has also been filed for this innovation.

At CoRover, some of the best minds in the IT industry join together to conduct state-of-the-art research and development to provide this kind of innovative feature to the world. According to the industry experts, the app has a futuristic potential to go extremely viral worldwide and become a global phenomenon for the generations to come.
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