An apartment building has to deal with a wide range of legal aspects before it is cleared for habitation. Even if you have a very solid structure that offers great living spaces, there are a still a few legal codes and regulations the building needs to adhere to. These codes can create difficulties if you are unaware of or chose to ignore them.


How then, do you deal? How can you ensure that you meet these codes so they never become a problem. Do it right from the beginning. In whatever area you wish to purchase or build on, make sure you have contacted or received from the building authorities all the codes and regulations for your specific project. Be sure to do this first as it can take months and can include large monetary losses if you violate a code to rectify any issues. Research and use the correct or permitted materials from the start.


One of the first tests an apartment building has to pass is sound transmission. Since this is a building with many individuals domiciles, noise generated in one apartment will travel to the another with little effort as there may only be a wall or floor between them. In such instances, cork underlayment, cork wall tiles, or cork flooring can be a life saver. Tenants on upper floors tend to generate noise that can disturb those living beneath. Cork underlayment or cork flooring will help minimize this transfer, as 3mm of cork can reduce noise by 10 decibels.


Cork wall tiles are designed to adhere directly to the wall without the need for underlayment. It can be used on ceilings as well. You can go for the same overall design or you can incorporate multiple ones, but you will be able to reduce the noise transfer from one side by side apartment to the other.


There are of course other materials that can be used for sound proofing, but few offer all the benefits that cork will bring. Cork can boost the value of the overall building should you ever choose to sell the property as it is not only a quality material but is matched by few others when it comes to beauty, functionality and comfort.


To find a supplier in your area we suggest you search the internet. Not only will you be able to find local businesses but you will also be able to find vast information on cork and reviews on both the material and anyone selling it. There are quite a sound proofing options on the market today, but few of them will offer the best value for your money. Visit us at and come learn about all the benefits cork will bring to you. We are more than happy to help and answer any questions you may have.


Cork underlayment and floors are important if you want to reduce the transfer of sound between two apartments on different levels. If you will install cork wall tiles as well, you will reduce the noise to a minimum and you will not have any problems with the sound transmission test the building has to pass.