CopperJoint Unveils Much Anticipated Copper Compression Socks for Running on Amazon to Relieve Calf Pain

CopperJoint, the number 1 seller compression sleeves in Amazon announces the release of yet another compression garment for active individuals. Today, the CopperJoint compression socks for running  is now available for purchase through Amazon. The compression socks are specifically designed for people who need added support in the legs and feet other than that which they get from an ordinary sock. Individuals who easily have leg cramps, calf problems and other leg conditions can benefit from the compression socks released by the company.

The compression socks are designed to help protect the legs during a run, a race or a marathon. It wicks away dirt. The compression technology limits swelling specifically for active individuals who particularly stand or walk for longer periods because of work. The compression socks are also designed to give warmth to the legs.

Jon Deal, founder and CEO of CopperJoint said “Our compression socks for men are not just designed for active runners but also for people who stand a lot during the day because of their job. Certain professions like security detail, cashiers, waiters and the like put a lot of stress on the leg which is why we have made this product available for them as well so that standing and moving about can easier than usual.”

The newly launched product comes only in 2 different sizes: Small-Medium and Large-Extra Large. The socks aim to give more flexibility and maximum comfort and usability. The launch comes with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. The company assures 100% or offer a full refund.

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