(Free Press Release) Cooper Company Management New York, specialists in business brokerage and mergers & acquisitions for small and middle market companies. We work with buyers to help them find businesses that meet their criteria, and we help business owners develop achievable exit strategies - wherever they are in the ownership cycle.

CCM is a group of highly experienced professionals based in New York, USA and offering a wide range of services to small and middle market business owners and buyers.

Each of our professionals has worked extensively with clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations. We understand what it takes to make a business successful, and we offer services targeting your specific business aquisition or exit strategy.

Cooper Company Management provide skilled advice and expert assistance on the purchase and sale of companies. Our seller-side clients are scattered throughout the United States. They share a desire to make the most of their M&A project or opportunity.

We have extensive experience working with private-equity groups a key buyer group for midsize private companies. Our ability to identify, locate and queue up industry buyers is one of our core competencies.
We make money by getting great deals done for our clients. In other words, we make money by helping you make money.

We aggressively create innovations, enhancements and additions to our services and products which are industry leading technologies for change.

We represent clients for whom sound strategy and superior execution can produce best fit or strategic fit. CCM works extensively with each client to clearly define personal and corporate objectives. We also provide assistance with the investment process, custodial issues, and administrative items of importance to the client.
We manage a confidential, discreet process aimed at optimizing both the terms and structure to best meet client objectives.

We are people you can confide in. Know that in CCM you have an alliance with people you can trust and believe in, and we know how to keep a secret. We understand your hopes, fears and the need to get the most for your time and money. Our business is serving you in a confidential and professional manner.

We have all the knowledge, education, experience and toughness to get the deal done and get you every penny you deserve.

CCM offers full acquisition search or acquisition assistance. We develop a tailored acquisition strategy that considers the strategic fit and ideal profile of companies that you should acquire. And, we also manage the due diligence process, execute purchase agreements and complete the deal, including post-closing adjustments.
Our clients benefit from professional and confidential advice.

CCM, New York clients receive highly personalized service from senior level investment bankers managing each transaction discreetly and with strict confidentiality.