Fort Lauderdale, FL; 27, June 2013: The Coop has been designed to fit in your hand and give you the grip for opening bottles. The grip was designed to fit your thumb. It holds up to 5 regular keys. In addition there is an edge on The Coop that can be used as a screw driver. The Coop is a copper tool designed and manufactured entirely in the United States. 


Copper is one of the oldest metals in history, discovered 10,000 years ago and used as a precious metal by ancient civilizations. The discovery of copper introduced the Chalcolithic Age or Copper Age, in which civilizations transitioned from using stone to metals to produce tools. Initially used for coinage and ornament by the earliest civilizations, throughout time copper has been used extensively due to its versatility and different properties in the fields of architecture, technology, industrial design, etc. Copper has a unique interaction with its environment. Copper develops a patina which is a tarnish that forms on the surface of the material over time. Patinas provide an extra protective layer to copper and a unique aesthetic. The interaction of the user and the different environments will create a unique patina that will reflect the journey of those unique conditions 


Real FX Digital is going to be launching the Coop on Monday, June 24th on Kickstarter. We will be offering 100 Coops on the early bird at $39, the regular price will be $49. The campaign will run until Monday, July 29th. So far we have designed and produced prototypes of the Coop and now we would like to take it into production. Once the project is successfully funded, we would be able to make the metal injection molds needed for manufacturing. 

About Real FX Digital: 

Real FX Digital is a small design studio located in South Florida where art and design are fused to create modern products. 


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