Lincolnshire, IL ( ) October 08, 2009 The need for converting the format of the documents is necessary both for personal and business purposes. Though there are many software and online programs out there to convert the documents into the formats that are compatible with your computer, most of them are insecure and come with very high price tags and software installation. Taking advantage of the demand for converting documents, virus codes are developed and disguised as legit document conversion programs. Finding the best and affordable program to convert documents online is like searching for a needle in a digital haystack of data. However, we managed to find one of the best, free online document conversion programs called “Unlike the old days when a document just came in a single Microsoft office format, today, there are plethora of document formats such as pdf and odt. Moreover, Microsoft office has also switched to an advanced document format which is recognized by the extension ending with ´x‘. Microsoft has provided an option to save files created in office 2007 in a format that can be read by the earlier versions of Microsoft office. However, files saved in regular 2007 format, such as docx are not compatible with older Microsoft office versions. By using the online document conversion program, people can eliminate the need of upgrading their old Microsoft office application to the costly 2007 version. “All they have to do is to convert docx to doc or xlsx to xls or pptx to ppt using our online program so that it becomes compatible with older versions. This saves a lot of money” said Mr. John Tate of

When asked about the types of conversion available at (, Mr. Tate said, “We have covered many of the document formats that are in practice today. The documents can be converted between, docx to doc, pptx to ppt, xlsx to xls, making pdfs, open office documents to the corresponding Microsoft office formats and vice versa. The documents can instantly be converted and saved to the computer or can be opened and viewed online”.

Speaking on the move, Mr. Tate said, “Our online document conversion program is free and utlilizes SSL encryption to protect data, just like online banks send sensitive data to your computer. Most other online conversion programs send your files insecurely which can be seen by anyone on your network.” Considering all these, is without doubt the best online program for document conversion service.

About ( is a product of Jobvertise, Inc. This online program encrypts files for security and has integrated over 50 document converters which makes it one of the best online document conversion programs available today.

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