USA - As the name indicates this convertor software works for AVI files. Basically, one can easily and conveniently convert AVI format files to other formats. Users can choose from a list of hundreds of file formats and select the format the AVI file should be converted to. This is one option that isn’t available with most other convertor software, especially free ones. Apart from this special feature, the AVI Converter comes with a number of other advantageous features.

Basically, this converter is absolutely free, which means that one can download, install and use the software free of cost. This means one doesn’t require even to subscribe or register with the website to download the software. Secondly, this software comes with a simple and intuitive layout making it easy to use for everybody. And thirdly the AVI Converter is very quick and gets the job done almost in the twinkle of an eye. And in case one wants to speed up the process, batch conversion can be opted for where a number of files are converted simultaneously.

The website says, “The Free AVI Converter is for all those users who face compatibility issues when it comes to playing videos of different formats and this is not an uncommon phenomenon. The fact that this comes absolutely free of cost and can be used by anyone is something which is an added advantage.”

Hence, one can say that this AVI Converter is not only very useful, it comes with a number of desirable features including being free of cost, easy to download and use, provides quick conversion, etc. And what makes this special is the quality of the media remains unaffected even on change in format.

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The fast, useful and easy to use AVI Converter is available free of cost at this website.

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