The National Health Service confirms that lower back pain is the biggest medical reason shown for workplace absence in the UK. Research shows that this common ailment is caused due to several factors including slouching sitting posture, injuries, and conditions such as degenerative disc disease, osteoporotic symptoms, lumbosacral spondylolysis, and post discectomy stress. It is necessary to note that discectomy itself is a surgical procedure for treating acute back pain. The process involves removing a vertebra to prevent its pressure on nerve endings. The other NHS recommended surgical procedure is spinal fusion where two or more successive vertebrae are fused together to stabilize the back.

The report also notes that manual treatment methods such as exercise classes (yoga), chiropractor sessions, osteopathy, and physiotherapy may serve crucial benefits in providing long term relief. However, back support braces have been categorized under the ‘Not Recommended’ treatment methods at the end of the NHS report. Manual therapists are noting this as paradoxical because a lower back support belt is widely considered as a home extension for continuing the benefits from the treatment sessions. Leading medical accessories manufacturers in UK confirm that there is always a steady demand for their products. Visiting the service website displays neat descriptions of the product along with individual specifications to help people choose the right one.

As on the debate whether the belts really serve health purposes, the answer may be in using the belt in the right way. Anything that has a positive value can yield negative effects due to abusing the potential. The Sacroiliac belt has been designed with abdominal sag side traps in its scientific design to provide additional support to the muscles surrounding the affected vertebrae in the lower back region. These are widely recommended for back stress relief caused due to pregnancy as almost all other treatment options are totally inapplicable in pregnancy. Fitness experts suggest that mothers-to-be should, however consider doing their own research on the efficacy of this product and keep a close eye on signs of discomfort in using the belt.

As this reporter interviewed a professional customer support staff at the leading belt manufacturer, some very important conclusions were derived. The medical executive noted that the belt is useful unless one is using it in short intervals for relief and not for constant compress at that may ultimately destabilize the spine. Furthermore, it is very important to choose the right size for comfortable fitting. “Customers can find a convenient size chart in the product description section of our website. We recommend getting a circumference measurement done before placing the order with us. The belts are available in five size variations, Small, Medium, large, Extra Large, and Double Extra Large, suitable for all body types. All our products are washable and easy to wear for anyone.”

Among the discussed mistakes of using a support belt, the professional pointed out that many patients rely too much on the belt to lose their caution in daily activities. Although the belt is supposed to provide support for maintaining good posture, many patients undertake hazardous physical tasks, which are totally not recommended in back pain.

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