Los Angeles, CA; 15, May 2015: There are still many California homeowners trapped in the foreclosure crisis, struggling to save their home. In the past, foreclosure was the worst possible situation for a homeowner. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case as California created legal protection for borrowers trying to save their home. Borrower that are unable to keep up with mortgage payments may find that their lender is not willing to help. Anyone facing foreclosure should consult with an experienced foreclosure attorney to know what options are available and how best to proceed. 


The inception of the California SB900 Homeowners Bill of Rights (HOBR) means that borrowers are now protected by law if they fall behind on their mortgage payments. The law very clearly protects owners of primary homes and explains their rights as home owners. Under the law, when a lender does not assist a borrower, it is possible to sue the lender who violates their rights. 

The foreclosure laws in California can be complex and it is best to call a lawyer that can explain how to stop a foreclosure and how to save a home after a default. 

As per the Home Owner Bill of Rights provisions, there are 3 common ways to stop a foreclosure: 

1. Apply for a loan modification 

Under the current laws, applying for loan modifications may stop foreclosure, provided that the modification application is not too late. Foreclosure attorney Los Angelesoffices of Consumer Action Law Group advise to initiate the modification process at the earliest opportunity. Loan modifications do not involve litigation, and if done correctly can be an efficient and cost effective way to stop a foreclosure. Experienced foreclosure lawyers advise that borrowers apply directly, without paying for assistance, or look for a non-profit to assist with an application for modification. 

2. Enter into a Bankruptcy 

Another very effective way of stopping a foreclosure is to enter a Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy involves complex legal petitions, so it is best to hire a bankrutpcy attorney. Filing bankruptcy stops foreclosures immediately and is an excellent option for borrowers currently facing a foreclosure sale. Before filing bankruptcy, talk to a bankrutpcy attorney to learn about requirements and fees. 

3. File a Lawsuit 

Finally, filing a lawsuit against the lender is possible when the foreclosure laws are violated. Many lenders accept an application for modification and continue to move forward with the foreclosure process. That is called “Dual Tracking” and it is illegal. Under California law, lenders are also required to designate a specialist to help borrowers find solutions to avoid foreclosure. Lenders are also required to contact borrowers to help before the foreclosure process starts. Lenders are required to assist borrowers currently going through financial hardship before selling their house. 

Most lenders are willing to listen to borrowers and will offer an application for a modification. However, many borrowers become victims of dual tracking and other legal violations. When foreclosure notices are sent out, it is best to call a foreclosure attorney to discuss options for avoiding foreclosure and possibly saving the home. 

For borrowers that have been struggling to pay the mortgage, it is always best to contact the lender immediately to avoid foreclosure. For those who have not fallen behind on mortgage payments, the government has created a Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) which protects homeowners who qualify to refinance. 

Contact a California foreclosure attorney 

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