is a new website launched recently to take care of the consumer rights. The website helps a consumer to post a review about a product or about the company, from where he or she has purchased the product.

“It is easy to register your details with us. By registering yourself at our website, you can share your views about the usage of the product, about the company, or register a complaint,” says the owner of

According to him, a person can easily register his/her feedback at the website. Now, it has become easy to share a review of the product, which he/she has purchased from a particular company. In present scenario, the market is flooded with fake advertisements. By getting lured from such advertisements, consumers do not get proper value for money, when they use low quality products. The consumer forum site helps them to share the unbiased opinions about the products or services.

“By registering your complaint at our site, we help you to get your problems resolved. We accordingly inform the companies to take necessary action,” says the spokesperson of

He further says, the site provides a platform, where a consumer can raise a voice if he/she does not get proper after sales service from a company. The concerned professional of the will forward the matter to the particular company to take necessary steps for service recovery.

The consumer site also makes necessary arrangements for the manufacturing or service provider companies to register their product or service offerings with it. A person can choose a suitable vertical and he can find whether a previous user of the product has shared his opinion regarding that company or not. A person not only shares negative reviews about the product or a company, he can also share positive feedback about the product or a company.

Such facility provided by the consumer forum site helps a buyer to take suitable decision in purchasing a product or a service of a company. The consumer forum site provides further assistance to its members by helping them to choose a suitable consumer court, if the problems do not get solved at first step.

“I am highly benefited from using the services of Once I purchased a mobile plan from a reputed service provider. I found that I am taxed with huge bills. I reported the matter to the site. The officials of the company helped me in a nice way to get my problem solved,” says Pankaj Kumar, New Delhi, India.

Such services offered by the site are generating interests among the consumers. It is helping them to take suitable decisions before they purchase a product or service of any company.

About is a platform, where a person can share his/her experience of using a product or service of a company. The site helps other consumers to take suitable purchasing decisions. For more details, visit