Newport Beach, California — Galeos salad dressings use miso as their primary ingredient. This substance, which is a fermented soybean paste added to rice, salt or other grains, has been linked by a recent Consumer Reports study to several health benefits.

Miso is commonly used in Japanese cooking and gives many broths and soups their flavor in that type of cuisine. While miso is relatively high in sodium, which can lead to high blood pressure, the benefits of this ingredient are numerous, according to the study. This means that Galeos salad dressings may be used not only to add flavor and substance to dishes but as part of a healthy diet.

Miso became popular due to its rich, savory, salty and meaty taste. The Japanese refer to this taste as umami and it is common in full-fat dairy, cooked meats, salmon and mushrooms. Using Galeos salad dressings with miso may allow cooks to cut back on items that have higher calories or fat while still enhancing the flavor of food.

The study also links the health benefits of miso to probiotic action. Probiotics are the “good” bacteria present in the intestines that help break down food and waste material. Miso has been shown to deliver a large dose of probiotic benefit, so it can actually aid in digestion. However, it is very important that miso be used without a great deal of heat that can kill probiotic bacteria.

Soybeans are high in isoflavones. These compounds have been linked to a reduced risk of menopausal symptoms, heart disease and breast cancer. Using Galeos salad dressings every day adds a bit of isoflavones to the diet which may inhibit the development of these diseases.
People who are taking certain antidepressants and those who are allergic to soy products should not use miso foods, including Galeos salad dressings.

Adding Galeos to salads, during cooking or as a marinade can not only enhance the flavor of food but may confer significant health benefits to those who use miso-based foods. Galeos salad dressings and marinades are available for sale and shipment to individuals and restaurants who want to enjoy the great taste and benefits of miso-based sauces.

Source: Consumer Reports, “Is miso good for you?” May 23, 2013

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Galeos salad dressings began as an experiment in 1996 by two Newport Beach chefs, Andrei Leontieff and Gordana Samardzic. The Galeos Café in Newport Beach drew appreciative crowds, leading the chefs to experiment with packaging their famous dressings. Today, Galeos salad Dressings and marinades are available in quantities ranging from single bottles to two-gallon containers and can be shipped anywhere in the world. Chefs and home cooks alike love the flexibility and taste of Galeos salad dressings and marinades.

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