(Free Press Release) Berlin, Germany August 24, 2011 How do you go about penetrating global markets quickly and successfully in a short amount of time? Seems like the answer would be never. You‘d have to understand different languages, customs, and cultures for many different countries in just a few weeks. But don‘t get too discouraged; Acrolinx IQâ„¢, an information quality management solution, has worked to develop a program that allows you to effectively reach more markets.

An important part of Acrolinx‘s method uses a corporate communications strategy. Without a strategy, its impossible to keep on task while trying to break into new markets. The corporate communications strategy works in three main ways; improves the quality of source content, prevents errors and inconsistencies, and easily enforces guidelines and standards.

By improving source content the corporate communications strategy makes sure that your company communicates correctly in different language based rules and standards created by Acrolinx after decades of research. This way, any created content is expressed in the same way. The corporate communications strategy makes sure the content is expressed in the same way by preventing errors and inconsistencies. Once your company has an established message, Acrolinx IQâ„¢ will suggest previously accepted wording for different languages. Through the corporate communications strategy Acrolinx also allows you enforce standards to easily make sure that all of your writers are creating content that stays within the same message.

About Acrolinx
Acrolinx provides enterprise solutions to ensure highest content quality and communication for organizations of all sizes. Whether it is corporate messaging, outsourced content development, or user-generated information about a company‘s products and services, Acrolinx drives enhanced productivity, enabling companies to communicate with a single, unified voice from every corner of the globe.

Built on a strong linguistic foundation, the sophisticated Acrolinx technology enables users to analyze, measure, and improve content through the use of authoring software and other solutions, resulting in consistent and effective customer communication in every market. Successful companies including Adobe, Cisco, IBM, Philips, and Siemens rely on Acrolinx as their foundation for content communication http://www.acrolinx.com.

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