China; 26, May 2015: Connectors serve a wide range of purpose in various technology and electrical installations. The BTB connectors are useful in connecting the printed circuit boards which are basically electronic components. These are basically electro-mechanical device to join the electrical circuits as an interface by using a mechanical assembly. Connectors primarily consists of jacks i.e. female ended and plugs i.e. male ended. provides the customers with a selection of high quality connectors. It includes wire to board connector, industrial computer, cable components, cable components and solar photo voltaic. The company strives to provide customer oriented professional services.

The PCB connectors Manufacturer sells board to board connectors in various size and shapes. Products of the company are exported to Australia, Western Europe, Asia, North America, Eastern Europe, Central and South America. There is single layer pin header, 180 degree female connector, straight machine female header, single row single layer connector and many more. The BTB connector has housing and a particular number of terminals prepared from conductive material. It is also plated in order to improve the antirust and conductivity. Terminals would transit the signal or current between printed circuit boards connected by BTB.

In the Wafer/Housing/Terminal category, there is a wide selection of connectors. It includes right angle housing WTB, wafer connector straight WTB, Right angle wafer blue WTB, DIP wafer connector, and more. As per the drawings and requirements of clients, there are various connectors and samples can be provided on request. All of the products delivered to customers go through multiple stages of quality check prior to delivery. The environmental friendly product has passed through international approvals in performance and quality. All the ordered products are sent out within three to five days after receiving payment.

The Pin header connector items are also available for customers. It may comprise of varied means of connection with one side being soldered to a PCB. The commonest form of pin headers are divided into single and double row connectors in male and female versions. Cables which are used to connect to these pin headers can be of two types. This includes individual wires with the crimp connectors on them or ribbon cables with the insulation displacement connectors. offers free sample for interested clients. The products which are already available among stocks take three days to get delivered. It takes at least seven days in delivery in terms of customized goods. Payments for the sold goods are accepted in form of PayPal, Escrow and Western Union. The company focuses on keeping the charges low which results in maximum customer benefits.

About Connector from China: is an online professional supplier of a variety of PCB connectors for clients. It is committed to offer nothing short of high quality products with flexible payment terms and customer service. Each and every business aspect is made to let the customers cooperate throughout the years. Visit the website for more information on products offered.

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