(Free Press Release) Every PC user has invested in time and money to learn to operate a computer and all those
software applications. Now that knowledge can be put to use to make that extra buck badly needed.

16th March, 2011, Chennai, India.: There are many advantages working from home, in spare time. Without any additional investment, using the available resources and the knowledge to operate a personal computer and the need to earn that extra buck are sufficient tools to carve a sustained income with tax benefits. In addition it would not reduce the time spent with the family.

'iCube Office', an innovative web based 'anywhere, anytime' office, offers to provide home based, cash needed individuals an easy opportunity to earn from their place of residences, around their locale. The ability to convince any entrepreneur or business, the advantages of using a web based application to manage their office and close a sale, would give them an handsome profit, based on yearly recurring revenue share.

Adding more to this, 'iCube Office' ( www.icubeoffice.com ) is being offered to subscribers with promotions, such as free press release postings to PR sites, Encryption Tool for all documents stored and free banner Ad in www.seemyproduct.com “These should make the selling easy, as each of what is being offered as a promotion by itself has considerable cash value”, says Beracah John Martyn, Marketing Director at iCube Office.

Researchers have reported a serious rise in the number of household facing cash crunch, even for essential items. Many people have been laid off, because they have been found 'not qualified'. At 'iCube Office' we call a person 'technocrat', if they know to operate a computer, surf the web and work on programs like Word etc, Mr. Martyn said. 30 or 40 years ago such knowledge would have qualified them for high paying jobs. Just because it has become common, its worthiness cannot be under-estimated, he added.

All aspiring reseller-entrepreneurs will be given a short training on the application and some marketing tips. They would then be required to identify potential subscribers and convince them to consider the value offer made by 'iCube Office'. Online 24/7 support will be made available to help them sell. The handsome earning out of their efforts would help them tide their financial pressure. They can even plan for their next years budget from the assured recurring income from each of the sale.

'iCube-Office' is an innovative concept in cloud computing. It is a truly 'anywhere, anytime office' providing continuous access to office data and also contact handling by customers. The Unique Customer Relations Number, enables a customer to straightaway virtually land on the desktop of the company executive handling the accounts for audio/video chat, and with all the documents retrieved and displayed at both ends at the same time. The important thing is that both the customer and the executive need not be at their office at that time. Emails with self managed encryption tool, documents management with encryption tools, are some of the unique features offered as a service at a nominal price.

Beracah John Martyn can be contacted at [email protected] for more details.

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