Dr. Sara Riechers, owner of Compassionate Dentistry, announced the launch of her newly redesigned and patient-friendly website. The new design offers visitors a visually appealing site that’s easy to navigate and provides clients with information about the full array of available services.

“We are so happy to have a new website that helps people understand why they should choose us as their dentist,” said Riechers.

Riechers is cognizant of the anxiety experienced by dental patients and specializes in working with those with dental fears, including children and special needs patients. Compassionate Dentistry works to accommodate the needs of the individual beyond those of a purely dental nature. Each patient has their own unique dental history and Riechers strives to alleviate fear while providing the highest quality dental procedures.

Patients of all ages can avail themselves of sedation dentistry, restorations and tooth replacements. The dentist works with children as young as one year of age to familiarize them with the dental environment and place parents and children on a path to dental health that’s fun and prevents later problems. Youngsters receive a healthy teeth kit and have the opportunity to pick a prize from the practice’s treasure box.

The practice offers a variety of maintenance and restorative services, including fluoride application and sealants for those with little tooth wear or damage. Sensitive teeth, irritated gums and TM disorders can all be addressed, along with fillings, inlays and remedies for chipped teeth.

A beautiful smile is a valuable asset and the practice provides bridges, implants and dentures, along with surgical solutions when appropriate for severely damaged and infected teeth. Implants and bridges provide a permanent option for one or more missing teeth. Dentures offer a removable solution for those who aren’t good candidates for other options, allowing anyone to obtain an engaging smile.

Located at 568 NE E St. in Grants Pass, OR, Riechers maintains a Facebook page where she welcomes comments and questions. The practice is open Monday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., on Tuesday thru Thursday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

About: Dr. Riechers caters to those with dental fears and anxieties, helping them overcome their trepidations and design a custom dental plan to enhance and restore a healthy, attractive smile. Dr. Riechers services the entire families dental needs including exams and xrays to implants.

Dr. Riechers can be reached by phone at 541-956-2177. For more information, visit the website at http://drsarariechers.com.


Dr. Sara Riechers


Compassionate Dentistry

Phone: 541-956-2177

Website: http://drsarariechers.com

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