Miami, FL, USA — The once ubiquitous alert bracelet or necklace warning emergency medical personnel of allergies and medical conditions is fast becoming a thing of the past.

Medical alert necklaces were great for their time, but technology has come so far it is time to look beyond something so simplistic,” said Paul Connor of ABCP Endeavors.

Rather than a single tag of information such as allergic to penicillin or diabetic, the MyMedicInfo USB medical device stores all pertinent medical information including contacts, medications and the like.

“Emergency medicine at one time was a serious guessing game and if a patient had a certain allergy that the attending emergency team was unaware of, serious complications could ensue. Now, there is no excuse for error when it comes to allergies or contraindicated medications,” Connor continued.

Worn around the neck similar to previous medical alert systems, the USB device holds all medical and contact information for quick and easy access from a laptop or tablet. Information can be as varied as next of kin, current medications and amounts, primary care physician and any other pertinent medical information.

“When you cannot speak for yourself and there is a dire emergency, the USB device does everything for you. This way a treatment plan can be put into action immediately and safely, helping you or your loved one get the treatment they need in a true emergency,” Connor continued.


ABCP Endeavors is a company that promotes health and humanitarian organizations throughout the United States. Locals in Southern Florida can visit the Festival Flea Market Mall in Pompano Beach at Booth 1303. Those who wish to learn more about the My Medic Info USB should visit their website at

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