June 28, 2013: Hair Plus, a research company dedicated to finding solutions for hair loss, has made breakthrough discoveries and is currently marketing their products under the name “Hair Building Fibre and Hair Loss Solution”. Their products are backed by years and years of research and have a different methods of application compared to other products. 

Hair Plus is selling their products, named Hair Building Fibre, which is basically natural Keratin or hair that attaches itself to an individual’s existing hair thus making the hair look thicker. The hair building fibre contains only a natural product known as gossypium herbaceum fibre which is completely harmless to the skin. This fibre uses the principle of static electricity to keep itself bound to the hair at all times. This hair fibre is in a form comparable to powder which makes it virtually undetectable even from a distance of 2 inches. The container used to store the fibres is also patterned closely to the container used to store face powder. To use the hair fibre, the individual must first dry his/her hair to ensure maximum static electricity build up. Afterwards, the hair fibre is sprinkled onto the scalp. Take note however that the hair building fibre will only work for people who are classified by the Norwood Scale with a grade of 6 or below. Since this product adheres to existing hair, people with advanced hair loss will have no sites for the fibres to bind with. 

Hair Plus is a company specializing in finding a hair loss solution that is safe, efficient, and affordable. Their end products are surprisingly very effective and have been recommended by doctors because of its safety. Also, unlike other products, no harmful chemicals are mixed. Their products also work with hair transplants and a multitude of hair colours. 

For More Information Kindly Visit: http://www.hair-plus.co.uk/