Las Vegas, Nevada; 25, August 2015: In a press conference of the company yesterday, held at Las Vegas, Nevada, the company spokesperson, Dr. Celeste Mills, explained how their dietary supplement, known as Synagen IQ, works for the potential consumers.

“Our product is designed to produce good results for people to really enjoy. We all know that the brain functions are very important. But, somehow, due to aging and other factors, this body part may suffer from certain shortcomings that have to be addressed,” she said.

First, according to the company, their dietary supplement resolves memory loss. “Usually, memory loss is suffered by aged people. But, there are cases when even middle-aged people may suffer from it. Our product is working to help them enhance their memory to function again,” further stated the company spokesperson.

Second, this product is able to enhance the comprehension capacity of the potential consumers. The daily usage is able to help people sharpen their brain. This is significant for those people who are thinking deeply every single day. “Hence, professionals, students and any other people are fit to use this product,” Dr. Mills further explained.

Third, this dietary supplement resolves lack of energy and lack of motivation issues. These problems are often associated to stress. Aging also causes them to happen. But, this formula has the blend of ingredients that are able to remedy the cited issues.

Meanwhile, one consumer of this product has written a Synagen IQ review this way: "Synagen IQ is really amazing. Before, my concentration, focus and comprehension ability are really compromised. But, when I started using this product, I really noticed that it works positively to help my brain functions well again."

This product has an affordable price via its official website. According to Dr. Celeste Mills, their Synagen IQ brain enhancer has offered a Straight Sale Program, allowing every potential consumer to buy it through a discounted price.

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