United states of America; 20, May 2015: Directories and database of different kinds exists which are of great value for both businesses and customers. Taking a leap from the basic form of traditional local directories businesses have gone global and have listed their entities across various platforms of the internet. In order to help businesses to find relevant company information or customers to check genuine company details, Companiess has come up with its online directory. The website lists down different global companies for a wide range of businesses. The website is available for free usage to both businesses and the customers. Customers can visit the website and search for a relevant company they might be looking for. Each listing offers, detailed information regarding contact and other relevant details of different companies.

The site facilitates the users to add their companies to the online directory for free. Visitors can use the option of “Add My Company Free” and list down their companies on the directory. They would need to fill out the relevant contact details and select the appropriate categories to list themselves online. These could be distributors companies or a list of companies doing businesses on a local or global scale. Each listing is verified and confirmed before being published on the website. This means that visitors can rely on the information featured on the website to be genuine. For the visitors or customers who are searching global of suppliers or other such companies in their areas, they could use the search feature and get all the requisite information. One of the most efficient areas which makes this website pretty easy to use is its highly categorized listing. The companies are listed as per different countries or industries they belong to. So customers can directly go to the specific country listings by clicking on the company name while selecting the industry would offer them the different companies offering such products or services.

For instance, a customer who is looking for automobile companies in Australia could directly click on the country name and then the relevant industry. It would list down the different companies which are operating in that specific business area. Once they go through the list and check any of the listings, it would offer the company description, contact information, and other recommended companies which are listed in the specific industry area. In order to feature a listing, the users would need to join the site for free and login using their credentials. In case there are any other queries or questions related to the services, the visitors can get in touch with the representatives using the contact options mentioned on the website.

About Companiess:


Companiess is an online business directory which lists down a range of businesses from different countries and categories from across the world. The site is free to use and businesses have the option of listing their details for free on the website.