19, April 2016: Ben is a lover of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter and at the same time he is into electronic products of one kind or another. Recently, Airwheel pushed out one type of electronic wearable equipment, i.e. Airwheel smart helmet C3. The moment Airwheel C3 was available online, Ben placed an order for it. Having several days’ experience, he thinks highly of it.


First of all, Ben sees the safety in Airwheel intelligent helmet C3. The primary purpose of Airwheel intelligent helmet C3 is to keep the rider from hurt. Unlike previous new products, Airwheel released electronic equipment rather than intelligent self-balancing scooter. In view of lacking of products used for protection, Airwheel thought up a wearable equipment. For now the wearable equipment is rather popular. To go with the current flow, Airwheel developed such electronic wearable equipment, Airwheel C3. Wearing it during the ride, Ben finds his ride more reassuring and scintillating.

Being a young men, Ben is far from satisfied with the basic function of Airwheel C3. Like other young men, Ben seeks for more recreational function of wearable equipment. Airwheel C3 can meet these functions. Ben usually uses Airwheel C3 as a music player. As he steers Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter, he plays music on Airwheel C3. There is no need for the rider to wear another headset for listen to music. What’s more, C3 suits those who like selfie because Airwheel C3 has the ability to take photos.


These super functions add more charm to Airwheel C3. Apart from these obvious functions, Airwheel pays a lot of attention to details. When Ben wore it on his head, it felt soft and quite suitable for his head. Airwheel sticks to ergonomics and under ergonomics designs Airwheel C3. As a result, Airwheel C3 suits for shapes of all sorts. This tiny design shows a modicum of Airwheel design notion.

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