SmartFarm — The Smart Greenhouse announces actor and comedian Marc “Skippy” Price as new spokesperson.  The Smart Greenhouse grows fruit, vegetables and herbs using a sand hydroponics system. Self sustaining it can operate in most climates without the need of supplemental water or energy making it ideal as an off grid greenhouse.

“The Smart Greenhouse can help end world hunger. How? They help people produce fresh, delicious food even in severe drought conditions; off the grid! If set up correctly NO PAID FOR WATER is required. That means no dependence on our already overburdened public water resources. And the best part? No cost for water!” states Marc Price.

Anyone alive in the 80's will remember Marc Price for his role as Skippy Handleman in the hugely popular NBC sitcom Family Ties, starring Michael J. Fox.  Recently he has landed a new role as spokesperson for SmartFarm- The Smart Greenhouse.

“In the US we don’t pay too much attention to droughts. For instance Las Vegas only has 600,000 residents but there are over 120,000 hotel rooms hosting 39 million visitors a year. The MGM Grand alone washes an average of 15,000 pillowcases a day! That’s a huge demand in the middle of a desert that’s running out of water but, somehow, we don’t worry about it.”

“Many parts of the world are not as fortunate, they have to worry to live. We’ve all heard stories or seen TV shows where people in Africa walk miles for a bucket of water. Lack of access to water means the inability to growing fresh fruit and vegetables.”

The Smart Greenhouse is being designed, researched and developed by Reno based, Tahoe Greenhaus Inc, and the father and son team of Jonas and Tomas Sipaila.

Their unique technology is a new class of greenhouse that solves the lack of access to water because of drought.

The Smart Greenhouse harvests rain water and condensation for reuse. The rainwater is diverted during wet weather, stored underground, and reused in the greenhouse. The produce grows using a unique sand hydroponics system that works with capillary rise that is 100% efficient, to dramatically save water even in extreme drought conditions.

Price continues “Once research and development is concluded, The Smart Greenhouse will be ideal for food banks, schools, businesses, restaurants, homes; anybody that wants to grow plants easily. They are ideal for use as an off grid greenhouse. Basically anybody that wants access to fresh fruits and vegetables that wouldn’t have it otherwise because of difficulty keeping plants alive, drought or lack of access to water supply.”

For legal Marijuana growers in California, The Smart Greenhouse is a solution for this water intensive crop and provides significant water savings as the infrastructure is put in place for the new law.  Initial studies have shown twice the plant growth using half the water.

Price will be announcing an Indiegogo campaign in the near future to raise funds for additional research and development for SmartFarm —The Smart Greenhouse.

“The Smart Greenhouse is an answer to hunger and nutrition, we just need them placed in the right regions,” concludes Price.

About Marc Price: After Family Ties, he launched a successful comedy career. As a stand up Marc has opened for Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld. He's starred in movies, hosted late night talk shows and has been behind the cameras writing and producing for E! TBS, Disney Channel, Animal Planet, GSN, and Showtime.

For more information call their California office 213 598 4509 or click here The Smart Greenhouse(

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