FREE Championship Hockey at Century Link Arena or Ice World (please check with rinks on day you plan to attend for location), Tuesday-Thursday from 3:00-4:00. The defending two time, back-to-back Thorne Cup Champions, The Idaho Junior Steelheads invite you to watch them on the ice! Their dedication and determination drives these 16-20 year old athletes to attain, the never yet achieved, Thorne Cup Championship for three consecutive years.

These outstanding athletes have their owner and role model, Darrell Swigert of Eagle, ID, the "ole goalie" and philanthropist, to thank for his continued guidance and financial support. Without Darrell's investment both personally and financially, the players would not have these opportunities to excel and achieve their college goals. The Swigert Foundation promotes excellence through achievement and has helped hundreds of athletes play competitive hockey and go on to successful college hockey programs.

If you are an aspiring hockey player or hockey fan, for the best action-packed skating in Idaho, see you at Qwest Arena. Watch The Idaho Junior Steelheads practice getting their game on! "There is nothing junior about it!"

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