High-speed Internet channels allow transferring any amount of data. The amount of information uploaded and shared over the Internet is increasing with an enormous speed. People share text documents, music, video and images. With the invention of digital photos and image scanners, millions of people worldwide got a unique opportunity to share scans of pictures with their friends and family members. Thus, there is a need to optimize the process of sharing digital pictures via the World Wide Web.

To reduce the space of digital images we want to share, it is recommended using image compressor application. There are several ways of compressing images, however not all of them are able to preserve the quality of compressed images. Thus, compression applications used for JPEG files lose the quality of the compressed document. The quality of image usually depends on the level of compression: the higher the level of compression, the lower quality of image you may receive.

The best way to avoid low-quality images is to use software created for PNG file format. It uses lossless compression algorithm and preserves the quality of the compressed document when it is saved. Despite all disadvantages of compression software used for JPEG files many people still use such apps, because believe that up-to-date compressors are expensive and are mainly used by big companies. Do not make rush decisions, because there is a powerful and user-friendly software affordable to any end user. This up-to-date app is called Compressimo. The software creates compact PDF/A files from the scan copies of documents and leave the initial data unchanged. The compressed documents are readable and are suitable for further transfer of exchange.

If you want to test Compressimo, pay a visit to http://cognitiveforms.com. This website belongs to the Russia’s software developing company Cognitive Technologies, having excellent experience in software development. By visiting this website, you will get an opportunity to download a free trial version of Compressimo image compressor. You will get a fully-functional test version that will help evaluate all features offered by this application. The trial period is available for thirty days.

By visiting Cognitiveforms.com you will find software programs created for electronic archiving, document management, enterprise resource planning, information analysis and other systems. In other word, there are applications for various personal and business needs. For example if you need a reliable program for PDF compression, visit this page http://cognitiveforms.com/en/Glossary/pdf-compression.htm

Irrespective of what application you choose, Cognitiveforms.com guarantees efficient performance of the chosen software. If you have any questions or technical problems, feel free to contact customer support team by filling a request form. You will be provided with prompt and detailed answers to your questions. You may also leave your opinion about the tested programs and ideas on how to make them even more effective.

About the Company

Cognitiveforms.com is a reliable website offering advanced applications for various personal and business needs. Compressimo image compressor is one of the apps that is suitable for big companies and end users.