(Free Press Release) Coester Appraisal Group a nationwide appraisal management company has launched CoesterReverse.com which will specialize in provding valuation services for the reverse mortgage community.

Rockville, MD - October 10, 2010 -- Coester which completes valuations for some of the top reverse mortgage lender currently is very excited about expanding full service into this areana. Brian Coester, CEO of Coester Appraisal Group was quoted as saying "we have always has a big steak into the reverse mortgage community and we felt it was necessary to have a team focused solely on handling the reverse mortgage appraisal side of the valuation process.

By launching CoesterReverse.comit shows we are 100% commited to serving the community as well as providing the community a source for service as well as information". Coester which has special appraisal programs such as the ValueSafe appraisal programs as well as the special pricing has been reverse mortgage friendly for many years. This is just another step into the companies goal of being the best appraisal management company in the United States.

Please visit the site at www.CoesterReverse.com

About Coester Appraisal Group :
Coester Appraisal Group is a nationwide appraisal management company specializing in high quality appraisal reports that comply with all industry guidelines and regulations.The company is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland and was founded in 1970 as a local appraisal company. The company has since grown to a formidable force in the appraisal management segment, and has access to a qualified network of 100,000 certified appraisers in 50 states. For more information please visit Coester Appraisal Group online at www.coesterappraisals.com

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