Codespoon, a small Portuguese software company, has announced the launch of a new game, called Fang den Diplom, for iOS, in which players should collect as many diplomas as possible.

Why study so hard in 2013, when it is possible to help a heroine find her diplomas while avoiding having to hit the books and study? In Fang den Diplom, players collect as many degrees as possible while running for their educational life. By dodging obstacles and jumping over spaces to avoid dangerous falls, diplomas can be collected within scholastic environments.

The lead character is a copycat, snide heroin, based on former German minister Anette Schavan accused of plagiarism. Instead of using original content, the character finds it by cheating and plagiarizing. Gameplay is endless and players can score points, or top their friends’ scores and share them on Facebook.

Fang den Diplom is an iOS game will first be available to the German public. An English translation will be released shortly after the app is published.

Ladies and Gentlemen - The year 2013 welcomes a new challenge of getting a degree!

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About Codespoon

Based in Portugal, Codespoon is a small software development company specializing in creating fun social games and apps. It produces apps for the pleasure of making enjoyable games. The company has announced its new Fan den Diplom game and is planning the completion of three more games in the near future.

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