London recording studio , Powerstudio has been selected as a provider of unsigned, independent and emerging artists for a forthcoming global Coca-Cola advert via the London Artist Development programme .

Benny D, CEO of Powerstudio and producer/songwriter, is the mastermind behind L.A.D. (an acronym rapidly filtering through the UK music community) which develops artists for 6-12 months in preparation for the signing to a label and or single, EP or album production.

Household names on the scheme include The Voice season one stars Jaz Ellington (team and Max Milner (team Danny O’Donoghue of The Script); Kye Sones and Frankie Cocozza from X-Factor and a number of other stars in development known to the UK public. Recently, Michael Bublé’s vintage swing trio “The Puppini Sisters” progressed from the scheme with a major record deal on the table.

Benny D said of his baby (incidentally the name of an award winning film he produced the music for):- “We turn potential into reality, creating hit songs for hit artists. We take unique aspects of each artist and develop them — crafting well-rounded packages in the process ready for mainstream exposure.”

The scheme is open to artists globally (not just London) although finance must be in place to get to audition stage with 6-12 months advised as a minimum. Usually candidates have label backing (major or indy), private backing (investor or family) or use revolutionary crowd funding techniques via fundraising portals such as Kickstarter, Pledge or Sponsume.

The Coca-Cola deal is the second huge achievement for L.A.D. and Powerstudio in early 2013 after Powerstudio recording time was announced as a prize for the winner of the Isle of Wight Festival Unsigned Competition by CEO, founder and organiser, John Giddings.

To audition for the London Artist Development programme please click here .

About Company:

Powerstudio is a premier recording studio in Chelsea, London and the home of CEO, producer and songwriter Benny D. —