Turning is a mechanical process of cutting in which the cutting parts move in a somewhat linear path while the workpiece keeps rotating. Traditional form of turning was done on lathes which were operated manually. Later, automatic lathe came into use which reduced the use of manual labour. But, with the emergence of CNC turning, automation reached another level. CNC machines are also used for milling, drilling, engraving and stamping processes. Process of turning is carried on the external surfaces which lead to production of tubular parts used in various machines. CNC machines used by a precision engineering company are guaranteed to work accurately as these are governed by precision technology.


Process of turning can be carried on hard surfaces like stone, wood, metal or plastic. The material is turned or rotated and the cutting components produce cuts in perfect diameters and up to the exact depth required. CNC turning ensures that accurate and exact result is obtained. In turning machines 1, 2, 3 or even 5 axes can be used. Turning process can be of various types like straight or taper turning and profiling or external grooving. These produce components in diverse shapes such as straight, conical, curved or grooved for different machines. You can get the entire turning process customized by a good precision engineering company.


Precision engineering allows your specific requirement to be customized when computer program is generated prior to CNC turning. A precision engineering company employ experienced and efficient engineers who will provide all encompassing solutions for every aspect of your business. In turning process the basic material, generally in the shape of a cylinder, is rotated while cutting tools cut or remove excess material to give required shape or designs. CNC machines allow extra features to be added such as drilled or milled holes and surfaces or slots. Precision technology-based designs allow machines to have rigid tolerance level and remove the requirement for diverse finishing operations.


CNC makes customization simple for a precision engineering company to use these machines. Whatever variations are needed in the design are first incorporated in the computer program and the CNC turning machines easily churn out machine parts as per the revised design. Industries like aerospace and automobile rely largely on CNC technique for its precise and accurate components. Components produced under this process are cheaper than those produced by rapid prototyping process. The process assures creation of end products made under controlled environment where exact likeness with the original design is guaranteed even for bulk run.


Since CNC turning takes place in a mechanized and computerized environment, scope of error is minimal once the design and its program are finalized. Production cost for all CNC-based machines is considerably lower as waste of raw material is significantly reduced. Safety is guaranteed to a large extent as workers are not in direct contact with the entire operation. Industries far ranging from electrical, optical, telecommunication to oil and gas all favour the service of a precision engineering company for all their spare machine parts and subparts procurement. Long production runs at a stretch is possible with CNC machines and most industries support these systems for better quality products and efficiency of services.

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