Nowadays, the dental case outsourcing with the Chinese dental lab has become the popular trend among the dentist clinic in the countries such as United State, British, Australia and so on. The reason of this situation is due to the high quality and low price products and services from the Chinese dental lab. The CN Dental Lab is the best one among theses dental labs. Today, the CN Dental Lab would tell you the classification of the PFM Crown. If you want to have more specializing information, you could search the website www.

The PFM crown is constituted by two layers which are the internal metal crown layer and the external ceramic layer. According to the different materials of internal metal crown layer, the PFM crown could be divided into three categories which are the precious alloys PFM crown which the gold alloy PFM is the typical example, the non-precious alloys PFM crown which the Ni and Co Full Metal Precious Crown is the good instance and the last is the Ti Alloy PFM Crown. These three kinds of PFM Crown is the most popular outsourcing products of the dental lab(CNDL) in China

The first we want to introduce you is the precious alloys PFM crown. If we make use of the noble metal to produce the inner metal base crown of the PFM Crown, we could call this kind of PFM crown as the noble metal PFM crown. The precious metal has good chemical inertness which could make them have antioxidant and anti-corrosion ability. The most commonly used dental metals have included gold, platinum, palladium and so on.

The second type the CN Dental Lab wants to introduce you is the non-precious alloys PFM Crown . If we make the use of non-precious metals to produce the internal crown of the PFM Crown, we call it the non-precious PFM crown. The non-precious metal is easy to oxidation at a high temperature and their ability of corrosion resistance is relatively weak. In the moist oral environment, this kind of PFM Crown would easy to precipitate the metal ions which may lead to dye and gray discoloration of the gums. The most commonly used dental non-noble metal has comprising the nickel, chromium, cobalt, aluminum and so on.

The third kind of the PFM Crown we want to introduce you is the Titanium PFM Crown. As we all know, the Titanium should belong to the scope of non-precious metal. But because it has many different characteristics then it has been listed separately. Titanium has good biocompatibility and the ability of resistance to corrosion, low thermal conductivity and so on. But due to its high melting point, it is very difficult to have the refractory casting. On the other hand, it is easily oxidized and the combination ability of the metal base with the binding of the porcelain layer is relatively poor and the porcelain layer is prone to chipping off. So we need to use the special ceramic powder for the processing to the Ti Alloy PFM Crown. No matter want kind of situation, the Ti Alloy PFM Crown could be widely used in the dental case outsourcing.

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