There's no doubt implementing Lean Six Sigma can be a challenge for a great many people, and organizations.  ClydeBank Media have stepped up to help solve this problem with their recent release of “Lean Six Sigma QuickStart Guide: A Simplified Beginners Guide To Lean Six Sigma.”  Early readers have responded with enthusiasm.

April 20, 2015 -- Experts agree Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that can transform an organization that's running ineffectively, or only somewhat effectively, into something else completely.  Process improvement, happier customers and increased quality control are some of the more obvious benefits of Lean Six Sigma, with deeper and long lasting positive effects being the norm.  The problem is many organizations have great difficulty beginning to implement the system.  Fortunately, ClydeBank Media has recently stepped up with their release of “Lean Six Sigma QuickStart Guide: A Simplified Beginners Guide To Lean Six Sigma” in both paperback and Kindle formats to help rectify this problem.  To say the book has been well received would be quite an understatement.

“We recognized that while Lean Six Sigma( is an amazing way to revolutionize a team or organization, that many times there's trouble getting started,” commented a spokesperson from ClydeBank Media.  “Our new book teaches everything required to get the ball rolling with Lean Six Sigma in a way that will in all likelihood produce amazing results.  We're delivering a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt!”

According to ClydeBank Media, some of the topics touched on include:  the principles and philosophies that fuel Lean Six Sigma; tools and tactics that help the application of the Lean Six Sigma method; how to bring in Lean Six Sigma from the top down in a team or organization; a very important look at what common mistakes to avoid when switching to Lean Six Sigma; and much, much more.

Early readers have given very passionate feedback.

John M., from Illinois, recently said, “This book saved our business a huge amount of time, energy and wasted funds.  It's hard to realize how inefficiently your organization is running, until you make changes and it begins running the way it should.  The 'Lean Six Sigma Guide' helped us see this first hand.  Five stars and fully recommended.”

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