Orange, CA — ClubTrader, an online community that is dedicated to connecting buyers, sellers and traders of used golf clubs, offers a unique way for these enthusiasts to transact business. ClubTrader maintains the following platforms:

- Find Club. This portal allows users to put in the type, manufacturer and model of any golf club and receive an instant list of members who wish to trade, sell, or both.
- Sell Club. With a free membership, ClubTrader members can research the value of used golf clubs and list their own clubs for sale. They can choose to sell, trade, or accept both types of offers. The listings will be posted any time a user searches for the seller’s particular make or model of club.
- Trade Club. For golfers who only want to make a trade, this platform allows them to define trade terms and search for others who want to trade clubs as well.

Once a deal has been reached, ClubTrader ships packing materials to sellers or traders, including boxes, postage and labels. The clubs are shipped to the new owners and the money is credited to the seller’s account if applicable. Sellers may cash out at any time or may apply the proceeds of their sale to the purchase of another club.

The fees for all transactions are minimal. ClubTrader charges no fees for posting ads or for membership into the ClubTrader community. There is a standard $11.95 shipping fee to cover the cost of packing materials and shipping. Shipping charges for larger orders may vary.

By eliminating the middleman, ClubTrader allows sellers to realize up to 50 percent more for their used golf clubs than average market price, while buyers still save an average of 40 percent over purchasing from other sources. ClubTrader also provides research tools to allow golfers to reasonably assess the worth of their current club collection. Research is divided into buying research and selling research results that compare ClubTrader prices with other websites. This provides both buyers and sellers with comparison models to help them fine-tune their pricing and offers.

About ClubTrader:

ClubTrader is an innovative internet venue that allows golf aficionados to buy, sell or trade golf clubs at minimal cost. ClubTrader strives to create a golf-friendly community where members can research, share information and arrange valuable trades or sales to find the perfect golf clubs for their needs. With built-in wish lists and other helpful features, ClubTrader is one of the most user-friendly buy/sell/trade websites on the web, and is sure to meet the needs of golfers everywhere who want to exchange used golf clubs for newer models.

For more information:

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ClubTrader, LLC
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