First came vapes, then came the array of colors, then came the attachments like the CloudV Spill-Proof Aqua Bubbler. This little piece lets you send your vapor through water to filter it even more than the chamber already does and the visual effects are just stunning. Check out the video and see for yourself!

The Cloud Aqua Bubbler comes with either Classic, Platinum or 510 thread atomizer (so it can be attached to the CloudV Liquid). This bubbler is made of high-quality glass and features a non-spill design so you can simply fill the glass bubbler with water and turn it upside-down to watch the water lock into its chamber then stick it right on your loaded atomizer and engage the battery. No leaks, no high-pitch squeals?ust a quick, clean hit that looks so cool you can't even believe it's healthier than smoking!

After the release of the bubbler CloudV decided to see what other attachments would look great on their vapes and so they created the Cloud Tower Globe for the Platinum or Classic essential oil pens. They don't hold water but they circulate the vapor inside them so you get a more concentrated hit. Then Cloud V made a few more pieces: the Cloud Platinum Globe, the Cloud Classic Globe and the Cloud Classic Globe 2. These are all rounder shaped pieces as opposed to the bubbler and tower that are elongated, but the vapor effects are similar and the visuals are truly fascinating to watch.

Check out the entire glass collection and see which one suits your vaping needs. Remember, any piece comes with either a Classic or Platinum Tornado atomizer to fit whichever vape you have. Which piece can you see yourself with.

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