Glendale, CA (Sept 01, 2015) - As you may already have been aware, for nearly three years Cloud V Enterprises has been entangled in litigation with Brett Albanese and his company with its ever-changing names (Cloudpenz, Cloudvapez, Full Circle Enterprises, etc.). During that time Cloud V Enterprises was hesitant to share any news about that pending litigation.

The following is an except from Cloud V Enterprises' blog post regarding the confusion: “We are pleased to announce that we recently prevailed in that case, and we are able to share the Court’s August 7, 2015 decision with you (link below). In sum, the Court ordered Mr. Albanese and his companies to pay Cloud V Enterprises $35,000 in addition to the $35,000 he was required to pay previously, and more importantly to stop selling his 'Cloud' and 'Cloud 2.0' vaporizers that consumers were frequently mistaking for our products, among other things.”

While any litigant can claim that his side is right and the other side is wrong, court decisions speak volumes about who is actually right and who is wrong.

Cloud V Enterprises also stated, “We are pleased that the Court vindicated our positions in its recent ruling.”

The complete details of the court case could be found using the following link:

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