A great mind is easily recognized by people from all over the world and you can rely on them to show you the value of an item. A very good example for this is the one of Louis Moinet, a watchmaker from the 19th century that was able to create some of the most amazing pieces of their time due to forward thinking and innovative designs as well.


One of the first and most important names tied to the creations of this French watchmaker is Napoleon Bonaparte. He was the one who ordered a clock from him in 1806 and he was so impressed by this that he made the year a part of the logo you can find even today in the creations that make a lot of other clients happy the same as they did kings.


But Napoleon was not the only one who saw the talent shown by this man and others were able to appreciate his skill and talent. Even if they were adversaries in the field of battle, Tsar Alexander I was also one of the popular names that enjoyed the work of Louis Moinet and was also able to order a time piece from this skilled craftsman.


Apart from his, the brother in law of Napoleon, King Marshall Murat of Naples was also interested in buying such a piece and he ordered his own in 1810. His had four dials and they were able to indicate the hours, minutes and seconds of the day, the day, the month and the date they were in and the different phases of the moon as well.


If you want to realize how popular the name of Louis Moinet was at that time, the clients he was able to satisfy were not only from Europe alone, but also from across the ocean, from the United States. Both Thomas Jefferson in 1810 and James Monroe in 1817 ordered a timepiece from this skilled watchmaker and can still be found on display today.


The craftsman died in 1853, but the name lived on and it became a well known brand for some of the best watches ever made and you can find one of their creations to this day. You may not be a king or a president, but this does not mean that you do not deserve a great time piece and for this you need to turn to the site louismoinet.com to find it.


Just like all the other creations that came out of the hands of the founder, these items you can find here will be among the most beautiful you have ever seen and you will enjoy every minute of their time. All you need to do is make up your mind about the one that suits you needs best and thus you will know you will be a part of the elite.



Napoleon was one of the first clients Louis Moinet was able to serve with an amazing clock that he showed off with, but he was not the only one. All the names you have read about afore are able to show you the skill and the forward thinking of the French watchmaker and you will know that one of the creations you will find today follows the same ideas that he left behind.